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About the Conference

Footprint aims to encourage a more positive conversation about climate change and the associated environmental challenges by focusing on positive action. By hosting talks and workshops that address a range of problems from a range of perspectives, Footprint provides a sense of what can and is being done to address these grave and urgent issues and to inspire hope, passion, and a sense that goals can be achieved. In the past year, we have been reminded how fragile the environmentally unsustainable business as usual is and Footprint this year will bring a range of stories to our online event to ask ‘what now?’

If you would like to see who spoke in previous years you can check out the Footprint 2019 page to read about the speakers and see some of their presentations.

When is it?

Footprint 2021 is being held online on the 11th and 12th June 2021.

How do I get tickets?

Tickets are free and will be available soon. More details can be found out about the ticket on the tickets page

Meet the team

Will Profile

Matthew Warren

Cofounded Footprint in 2018 and is currently in his third year of organising the event. He is also a sociologist currently completing his PhD in Durham University’s Department of Music. His research is increasingly concerned with the ways in which we imagine the future of society, a theme which is intimately entwined with an urgent concern over environmental breakdown. Through Footprint, the hope is that we all can understand the fronts of the crisis in order to imagine and work towards a better future.

Jess Profile

Sarah Mercer

Sarah Mercer is a climate activist, communicator and film producer with a passion for real action on climate change and a belief that we are changing the world for the better.
We are faced with countless challenges in the coming years, and with those come endless opportunities. Over the past several years I have worked on many projects, from founding Footprint, the annual two-day climate innovation event held in Durham, to producing a feature-length film exploring how envisaging Utopias can be the first step towards real change, and cultivating hope for a better future.

Victoria Profile

Victoria Prowse

Hello! I’m Victoria, a University of Durham Geography Graduate. I am fascinated by the intrinsic interrelations between the social and physical worlds and how these relationships have become increasingly imbalanced in recent times. I am aware that understanding the science of climate change is far removed from actively changing lifestyle choices to help reduce its impact. Therefore, I have been inspired to help organise ‘Footprint 2021’ as it aims to develop discussions around climate change, in order to encourage positive action towards a more sustainable future.

Will Profile

Will Jollans

Hello, I'm Will, an Durham Engineering graduate currently working in robotics. I was part of the team that organised Footprint 2019, as I consider understanding and collaboration key to the fight against climate breakdown. It has been great to see conversations around climate change grow in recent years, and I hope Footprint 2021 will be an exciting forum for interesting ideas and conversations.

Jess Profile

Jess Chadwick

Hi, I’m Jess, a recent Durham graduate and current PhD student at the University of Birmingham. My work focuses on sustainability in agriculture and solutions to agricultural pollution. I’ve been part of the Footprint team since 2019 and think the conference is an amazing forum for discussion, building a wider sense of community, and generating action against climate change.

Elisa Profile

Elisa Benham

Hi there! I’m Elisa, a final year undergraduate at Durham University. Studying environmental topics in both biology and economics, I am fascinated by how the environment is valued across disciplines and the interlinks with society. I was keen to get involved in ‘Footprint 2021’ because I’ve been inspired by the discussions which Footprint has fostered in past years and hope to encourage even more people to reflect upon the pressing questions of climate change.

Our Sponsors

CDP Derwent Valley AAP

Derwent Valley AAP

Derwent Valley Area Action Partnership have been very generous in providing the funds to enable Footprint 2021 to be held this year. We are extremely grateful for their support this year.
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