Aaron Thierry

Aaron Thierry received his PhD in Ecology from the University of Sheffield. He subsequently researched the impacts of global warming on the carbon cycle in Arctic ecosystems at Edinburgh University. His studies have led him to be very concerned about the potential impacts of disruptions to our climate. He has been a passionate advocate for environmental and social justice for several years.

Active Hope: how to keep your activism healthy and sustainable in an age of climate anxiety

Environmental campaigning can be hard work. This workshop will examine how we can practice our activism in ways that don't lead us to burn out. We'll look at practical tips to help us and our groups look after ourselves. We'll also explore some key ideas about 'active hope', an approach to activism that can help us stay motivated even when the going gets tough.

Climate Justice 101

Starting from first principles we will look at the many dimensions of climate justice from vulnerability to responsibility and show that, far from just a slogan to chant on marches, climate justice is a powerful frame by which to understand the climate crisis. We'll see how these insights can and must inform our activism in ways that make our movements more powerful.