Image of Christine Howard

Dr Christine Howard

I am a research ecologist, whose work focuses on understanding the drivers of large-scale spatial patterns in biodiversity. Specifically, I am interested in exploring how the environment shapes where and when species occur. With this knowledge we can identify the potential impacts of environmental change on species to inform recommendations for future-proofed conservation policy.
After completing my PhD at Durham University, I went on to work with the US Forest Service, to research the impacts of human activities on the distribution of threatened species. I am now working with the Conservation Ecology Group at Durham University and the British Trust for Ornithology to study Europe-Africa migratory birds and identify the threats these species are exposed to during their annual migrations.
Twitter: @_choward

Dr Jessica Lehman

Jessica Lehman is Assistant Professor of Geography (Human-Environment) at Durham University. Her research focuses primarily on international environmental politics. She is especially interested in marine geographies, environmental knowledge production, and resource politics.

The Future of Conservation

‘The Future of Conservation’ panel discussion will be an interdisciplinary discussion about the importance of valuing our ecosystem services for environmental, economic and social wellbeing. Featuring Dr. Christine Howard (Durham University Bioscience), Dr Jessica Lehman (Durham University Geography), our panellists will bring their expert insights into how conservation is developing and how and how all sectors will need to converge for conservation to succeed. Bring your questions along to what is sure to be an engaging discussion!