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Isla Hodgson

Dr Isla Hodgson is an interdisciplinary research scientist specialising in conservation social science and environmental governance. In a previous life she studied the habitat use of marine mammals, before falling into the black hole of human behaviour and decision-making after one too many encounters with our own species in the field. She is now a global expert in conservation conflicts and their management, and is currently working for the ConFooBio project at Stirling University.
Isla is also a keen communicator. She has previously worked for the BBC and is now an education ambassador for the Save Our Seas Foundation. She is also a trustee for rewilding charity Scotland: The Big Picture.
Isla lives by a sea loch in Scotland with her collie, Haggis.
Twitter: @isla_dawn
Instagram: @isladawn92

From conflicts to cooperation: understanding humans to save the planet

Humans are the root cause of our current environmental crises. To halt biodiversity loss and slow climate change, we need collective action on a global scale. Surely this is something we can all agree on…?
…Not quite. In fact, conflicts are part of human nature – and this is one of the greatest challenges facing conservation today. The question is, can we effectively manage conflicts, and steer society towards a more sustainable future?
It all starts with understanding our own species. In this talk, we’ll explore the messy, complicated world of human decision-making: from social interaction to social justice, politics to power, government to governance…and everything in between. Together we’ll examine why conflicts happen in conservation (it’s never what you think), why they’re such a problem and how society can get better at them. Think of it like relationship therapy for the planet.