Image of Richard Hixson

Dr Richard Hixson FRCA FFICM

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care

I have been a Consultant in Critical Care since 2001 and past CDDFT Deputy Medical Director leading on major projects such as the Acute Intervention Team, Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures and Learning from Excellence. I am my Trust’s Clinical Lead for Sustainability representing my organisation on the Northeast ‘ICS’ Group where I lead the ‘people’ workstream. I am a Trustee of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, member of the HEENE Faculty of Sustainable Healthcare Education and a member of NHS England’s Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Forums. I co-founded NHS Ocean as my main interest is Global Goal 14, Life Below Water and how anthropogenic activities including healthcare procurement and container shipping adversely affected the marine environment. My goal is to ensure oceans, coasts and inland waterways are never forgotten in NHS net zero planning and ensure we extend the ethos of first, do no harm from patient to planet.

Anna-Lisa Mills FIEMA, CEnv, MSc, BSc (Hons), PGCE

Sustainability Manager – Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust

Anna-Lisa is a Fellow Member of IEMA and a Chartered Environmentalist. She works part time at Newcastle Hospitals as Sustainability Manager whilst also running her own business, SmartCarbon Ltd / True North Sustainability. She specialises in Carbonfootprint measurement and reduction.
Anna-Lisa is also a keen educator and is a visiting lecturer at Northumbria and Sunderland Universities. She has completed Al Gore’s training programme to become a Climate Reality Leader and is an active member of IEMA’s Climate Change and Energy Steering Group as well as IEMA’s North East Regional Steering Group.

First Do No Harm – The Climate Emergency is a Health Emergency

In June 2019 Newcastle Hospitals were the first healthcare organisation in the world to declare a climate emergency and commit to fast-tracking decarbonisation of their services. Building on the strong foundations of their Sustainable Healthcare in Newcastle (Shine) programme the Trust have set three long-term goals for: Zero Carbon Care; Clean Air and Zero Waste. Hear from Anna-Lisa Mills, Sustainability Manager, about their journey so far and their plans to deliver on their Climate Emergency Strategy 2020-25