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Carbon and Energy Projects Officer,
Durham County Council 

Tom is a carbon and energy projects officer at Durham County Council, working on projects around the County to reduce emissions as soon as possible. Tom will be talking about how the climate emergency turned a mechanical engineer into a chartered environmentalist and what responding to that emergency might mean for the next few decades.


Joana is a writer, illustrator and research student working in the intersection of culture and climate change mitigation and adaptation. She is an MSc student and PhD candidate at the School of Health in Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, and she interested in children’s mental health, creative wellbeing and learning, narrative therapy, dramaturgical conscience, community development and promoting climate resilience in children and young people. 


Storytelling and Climate Resilience

In this presentation, I am going start by sharing my personal journey, how it shaped my creative and academic goals through the last years and how it’s directing my vision for a sustainable future.

I will then present and explore my research projects Bedtime Eco-stories and One for the Journey and how they are aligned with the UN SDG 4, Quality Education, with long life learning through creative fiction. I will also explain my role as story weaver for the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network and how this storytelling work enables us to engage wider audiences in conversations around their concrete visions for a beautiful, irresistible change that can inspire our communities around Scotland. I will finish with a practical exercise using a narrative therapy methodology that I am considering for my PhD qualitative data collection and time for Q&A. 

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Head of Energy, Carbon & Sustainability (Estates and Facilities Directorate) at the University of Wolverhampton

Doyin has an extensive technical, management, policy development, consultancy and regulatory experience in the public and private sectors (locally and internationally), and across the real estate, building services, climate change mitigation, utilities, energy, environment & carbon management, ESG and Sustainability spectrums.

Doyin has worked for the likes of SRK Consulting, Mouchel (Now part of WSP), Balfour Beatty, OFGEM, Department of Energy & Climate Change (now part of BEIS) The Environment Agency (Part of DEFRA) and the Greater London Authority. 

Doyin is a member of the Energy Institute, and is actively involved in the local and wider communities on Climate Change and Sustainability matters, and as a STEM Ambassador and young people career mentor at a national level.


“The Transition of Global Energy System : A Strong Case for Climate Action”:

Talking about the global energy transformation, two main problems (energy crisis and climate change) and choosing which of the two problems to prioritise in terms of a resolution – making a case for climate action (protecting the planet).

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Hana Morel is Scientific Coordinator of the International Co-Sponsored Meeting on Culture, Heritage and Climate Change and the Sustainability Manager for MOLA’s Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network, CITiZAN. Previously, she worked as Senior Policy Advisor (Climate Change) at Historic England (2020-21), and postdoctoral Research Associate for the AHRC Heritage Priority Area (2017-2020). She developed the one-year follow on funding project, Opening New Pathways to Impact across Heritage Research, Policy and Practice, which built on her work in the AHRC Heritage Priority Area to transform and increase understanding of policies’ impact on the heritage sector. Hana was awarded her PhD from University College London in 2015 where she explored the development of planning policy and archaeology in global cities and its impact on archaeology and heritage practice.

Previous roles include work as researcher of international and domestic policy for Bournemouth University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor (Global Engagement); archaeologist, researcher and lead for community engagement at Izmit’s Nicomedia Project, Turkey; project manager of the NYC Heritage Project supported by the Landmark Preservation Commission, New York; and editor-in-chief of the journal Papers from the Institute of Archaeology.

Hana’s areas of interest include urban archaeology, planning, and exploring the role of heritage critically alongside international agendas and its contribution towards addressing global challenges (with particular focus on climate action). She also sits on various heritage and archaeology groups such as the All Party Parliamentary Archaeology Group (UK), The Archaeology Forum, and RESCUE: The British Archaeology Trust, among others.


Heritage plays a central role in understanding the causes and impacts of climate change. It also is central to working with communities to make resilience a way of live. Mitigation, adaptation and resilience measures are dependent on putting plans and system changes in place that align with local understandings, values and practices. Work in culture and heritage provide those insights, and can help enhance recognition of climate impacts on communities, their resilience and stories, and how local knowledge and practices can contribute towards identifying place-based solutions. In this presentation, Hana Morel introduces heritage as a bridge towards resilient—building initiatives through providing examples of how heritage empowers local actors and communities, enabling local and early action.

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With over 25 years communications and journalism experience, Derek Christie has been responsible for global engagement in several sectors including energy, defence, and public transport.

He has delivered communications for over 10GW of renewable energy projects, including East Anglia Offshore and Whitelee.

Now at Siemens Gamesa, (the leader in providing the world’s best offshore and onshore wind turbines and services) he is Head of Communications for UK & Ireland as well as Northern Europe/Middle East.

He’ll be providing an unique insight into wind farms from both as a developer and turbine manufacturer. 

An passionate supporter of new technology, Derek will give his views on the challenges of bringing new energy generation to market and he’ll tell us how we can personally make a difference, that doesn’t require major changes to our daily lives.

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Monica has more than 25 years of experience in sustainability and reputation management, in Europe and the Global South, working with the private sector, non-profit, academia and government. She is a skilled change agent, helping organizations move further and faster with their sustainability and regenerative strategies.

Previously Head of Sustainability for Danone Spain for several years, then when she moved to the UK, worked as consultant at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership on the Natural Capital Leaders Platform, Forum for the Future and Managing Director at alva Stakeholder Intelligence.

Based in London, she is now Head of Sustainability and Partnerships for FIA Business School, from Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, where she leads the sustainability pilar at the Sustainability and Innovation department and is in charge of several education programmes.


Originally from Brazil, where she studied management at Universidade de São Paulo, she moved to Spain in 2002 for her doctorate at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, and later Manchester Business School.  Her research looked into the complex relationship between sustainability strategies and reputation management over hundreds of Brazilian companies operating in the stock market, and has been inspiring her practice and teaching since.


She is a passionate advocate for sustainability as a driver for innovation — of products, processes and business models — and has dedicated the last years to bridge the resource gap between the Global South and the Global North. The Global North has the will and the power to achieve a sustainable system, but it will only succeed if it works together with the Global South. In this conference she will share with us some insights about how this is happening today.

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Tom Bray
Joana Avi
Doyin Adeleye
Hana Morel
Derek Christie
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